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Family Group Membership

Adult Membership, special rate of $250.00 per person, for families who have more than one person joining the society at the same time.

Membership includes a membership certificate for each, the society's insignia medal on a ribbon, access to our members' only website AND Facebook group, our digital newsletter and your ancestor's name is listed on our ancestors page.  


Download the Membership Application and fill it out.  Please use black ink.  Scan your completed and signed applications and proofs, for each applicant, then email them  to:   


Next, proceed to pay the one time Membership Fee by clicking on the Family Membership graphic below.  We will contact you if we have any questions regarding your applications.  

Online Family Membership Rate of $250.00 per family member for adult memberships, plus an online transaction fee of 3%  + 0.50 (Total: 258.00, per person)   

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