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Register for the September 16, 2023
Zoom Event

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Join us as we listen to farmers, owners and other educators tell the story of their farms and farm related businesses, histories and other educational programs.  NSDOAF Toast Master, Glenn Martin, will give a toast in celebration of these hard working and dedicated American farmers.  

For upcoming Speaker Series event information, please contact us .

NSDOAF Toast Master    Glenn Martin

Showcasing local farms, related businesses,
histories and other educational programs

March 3, 2023 Learn all about Atkinson Farm.

February 27, 2022 - Santa Fe Trail and the Connection fo the Fry Family in Rice County, Kansas.  

November 20, 2021 - Cleaning Headstones with D2

September, 25 2021 - Guenther Sorghum

August 2021 - Mike and Niki's Honey Company

July 2021 - Monarch Butterflies

April 19, 2021:  Magic Worm Ranch

Pod Casts

NSDOAF Ohio Ambassador, Peggy Whitcomb, represents NSDOAF on Our Ohio Weekly, Ohio Farm Bureau’s 102nd Annual Meeting.  Listen to Pod Cast below, or visit the website directly at:

December. 5, 2020:  Cookies and Ice Cream with Mrs. Hanes - Moravian Cookie Shop

November 7, 2020-  two programs:  Rob Barley of Star Rock Farms and the Pennsylvania Dairy Board; and also NSDOAF member, Jan Johnpier, gives program on apple farming and growing up on an apple farm in Western NY.  

January 2, 2021:  Wine and Cheese

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