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Work of the Society

Our Mission

•Honor our American Farmer Ancestors who were such an important part of the success of our beloved country

•Awarding higher education scholarships to students who will follow in our ancestors’ footsteps

•Camaraderie among our members who have a shared love for American Farmers past and present


Objectives and Purpose

The objectives and purpose of this Society are to:

  • Identify and honor the memory of ancestors who were “American Farmers”

  • Living within the present boundaries of The United States of America

       July 4, 1776 – July 4, 1914

  • Produce and distribute publications relating to the history and genealogy of “American Farmers”

  • Encourage study and inspire an appreciation of the rural and country life

  • Engage in related educational, historical, genealogical, patriotic, literary and social activities

  • Educate, preserve, and increase the knowledge of the history of early American farmers

  • Charitable and educational efforts and to support patriotic, genealogical, literary, historical and social activities that further the purposes and objectives of this order within our country


Grave Markings

Grave Marking.jpg

Performing grave markings of American farmers, 1776-1900, to honor and recognize the hard work, contributions and sacrifices that they made in developing our country.   

Cody Levering - Scholarship Award.jpg

Awarding scholarships to students who are going into a field of agriculture.  

Melissa, Scholarship Picture.jpg
Scholarship Winner.jpeg

Farmer Recognition

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