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This website  is dedicated to Davena Liepman, Honorary President National.  Ms. Liepman vision to start the National Society Descendants of American Farmers  was to honor  American farmers for their giant contributions to the success of the United States.

Davena Liepman head shot black backgroun

Davena Rigel Liepman,

NSDOAF Founder

Reflections on NSDOAF's History

by Davena Liepman, and Janisue Rigel

February 17, 2019, six friends met for lunch at California Pizza, in The Woodlands, Texas.  One suggested that they start a new society to help feed children in school.  Janisue Rigel mentioned that her sister Davena, and herself,  had been talking about starting a farmers society, for three years. 


Davena Liepman could not believe that American farmers were not being honored, especially when they are so vital to our country.  She recognized that they are frequently, under appreciated.  Davena had a vision to develop a society that would honor American farmers of the past, present and future.  

Each person agreed that 'farmers' was a good idea, and they all agreed that Janisue had to be the president.  

Of the six at lunch, five were founders:  Janisue Rigel, Davena Rigel Liepman, Geni Holmes, Cindy Broderick and Dianne Taylor Kibodeaux.


Ten days later, Janisue had the EIN number and started a Facebook group.  With that, word about the new society spread, and within two short years, the society had over 1,000 members from all over the United States.  

Founded:  March 9, 2019

-Founding President National, Janisue Rigel

-Founding Registrar National, Davena Rigel-Liepman

-Founding Executive Board Members:

  • 17 national officers, 3 advisory counselors

  • Served from 2019-2021

Janisue Rigel, President National

Davena Rigel Liepman, Registrar National

Cynthia Broderick,  First Vice President National

Ashley Naumann, Second Vice President National

Roaslind Grenfell, Third Vice President National

Patricia Gallagher, Fourth Vice President National

Jolene Dodge, Fifth Vice President National

Ora Jane Johnson, Corresponding Secretary National

Geni Sauro Holmes, Recording Secretary National

Deborah Jean Kelley, Treasurer National

Tammy Mansfield, Historian National

Dianne Taylor-Kebodeaux, Chaplain National

Amye Meyer, Librarian National

William Flynn Martin, Curator National

Andyrea Mahon, Counselor National

James William Griffith, Counselor National

John Beard, Counselor National

Carla Lucille Whitehurst Odom, Advisor

Charles Robert Odom, Advisor

Deborah Whitmore Hicks, Advisor

Christine Herron, Parliamentarian

Mary-Claire Beard, Treasurer National

Jan Johnpier, Librarian National

Sandy Bassett, Historian National


These members are known as the Founding Members of the National Society Descendants of American Farmers.  Their membership numbers are Founder 1-20, with the exception of the last three who were appointed to the Founding Board shortly thereafter, to fill vacancies due to board resignations.  These three members are known as Founding Charter Members.  

Charter membership opened and ran through December 31, 2019.  Charter membership numbers are C1-C919.  There after, Regular Membership opened.  

Executive Board.jpg
Founding President- Janisue-Rigel.jpg

Janisue Rigel

Founding President

Founding Registrar-Davena Rigel-Liepman.

Davena Rigel-Liepman

Founding Registrar

Original Logo drawing, by Davena Liepman

The original sketch design of the NSDOAF Insignia was created by Devena Liepman, Founder.

At the USDA June 2019.jpg

June 2019: President National Rigel, Registrar National Liepman and the Hon. William F. Martin meet at the United States Department of Agriculture to make arrangements for the 2020 National Caucus.


Founding Executive Board

First National Caucus 7 April 2019, Wash

First National Caucus:  7 April 2019

Washington, D.C.

First Public Display.jpg

First public display at the DAR State Conference in Austin, TX

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