Founded:  March 2019

- Founding President and Registrar:

  • Janisue Rigel and Davena Rigel-Liepman

-Executive Board Members:

  • 17 national officers, 3 advisory councilors

Janisue Rigel

Founding President

Executive Board.jpg

Executive Board

First National Caucus:  7 April 2019

Washington, D.C.

Davena Rigel-Liepman

Founding Registrar

June 2019: President National Rigel, Registrar National Liepman and the Hon. William F. Martin meet at the United States Department of Agriculture to make arrangements for the 2020 National Caucus.


First public display at the DAR State Conference in Austin, TX


National Society Descendants of American Farmers

10809 West Timberwagon Circle

The Woodlands, TX 77380-4030

E-Mail: NSDOAF@gmail.com

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