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Do you know someone who has been

farming for 60 years or longer?  

The National Society Descendants of American Farmers is committed to recognizing the hard work and dedication that American Farmers give every day.  From hauling hay, fixing fences and mowing pastures; to doctoring livestock, foaling and calving, milking and repairing farm machinery; to trimming, spraying, harvesting and more. NSDOAF recognizes the hard work and challenges that daily farm life brings.   It is our honor to recognize these incredibly hard working farmers,  by providing the prestigious Diamond Award to farmers who have given 60 years or more, to farming.  

 Recipients must have been a farmer for 60 years or more (not necessarily on the same farm). The farmer is not required to own the property he/she has been farming.



Download the Diamond Farmer Application here. 

Must be a farmer of 60 years, or more.  Full directions are on application.  Complete the Diamond Award application in full.  If you have any questions, please contact the President National

Diamond Award Recipients

The National Society Descendants of American Farmers is pleased to showcase our Diamond Award recipients, below.  These farmers have dedicated their lives, working tirelessly for 60 years, or more.  

Alexander, Fred and Barbara
Canfield, Shirley Marie Sanger
New York
Day, Marlene
Ferry, Martha Hutchingson
Geiger, James Allen
Nichols, Evelyn Hill
Oslo, Earl Mallinger
Sandage, William (Bill) E. Sandage
Shay, Connie Tindall
Solomon, Clell
Weir, Thomas McCrady
Weller, Walter Elwood
Young, Celile Williams
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